The Amber Crane

Awarded the Coffee Pot Book Club Silver Medal for Young Adult Historical Fiction and Fantasy in 2021 and an Honorable Mention for Historical Dual Timeline / Timeslip fiction by the Historical Fiction Company, this historical fiction novel pushes the boundaries of time-travel and of your imagination in a tale of a journey from the past into the present, set in two devastating wars three hundred years apart and steeped in the lore and legends of amber from the shores of the Baltic Sea. Available at Amazon and also the Book Depository, with free shipping for my European friends, and other venues.



Clutching precious amber found in a clump of seaweed, PETER, an amber guild apprentice in Pomerania in the waning years of the Thirty Years’ War, has a choice to make. Despite the severe penalties imposed on such an action, Peter keeps the amber and works on it in secret, with potentially disastrous consequences for people close to him. Meanwhile, unaware of the amber piece’s magical powers, Peter finds himself drawn into a world three hundred years in the future where he gets embroiled in the troubles of a mysterious stranger.

In my blog post, The Amber Crane – Inspirations, maps, and images, you can visit some of the places that figure into the story:

I also invite you to check out my presentation: “History matters: the lure of amber in a land at the edge of the sea

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3 reviews for The Amber Crane

  1. Malve von Hassell

    The Book Review Directory
    “The scenery is one of the highlights of the entire book. From windy beaches to muddy
    farms to cluttered workshops, every scene is full of sensory details that will transport
    readers back in time. It is especially impactful that these scenes are so well described
    because when time-travel comes into play, it emphasizes why Peter is so shell-shocked
    to be experiencing a different time period.”

    “In The Amber Crane, two people that couldn’t be more different from each other find
    companionship as they realize that though time separates them, they are connected by
    something greater than them. Von Hassell skillfully creates scenes that will transport
    readers to a different time, a different life. Detailed and atmospheric, The Amber Crane
    has songs, poems, physical places, and symbolism threaded throughout that creatively
    and respectfully embody two of the most destructive wars in history. A cross between
    historical-fiction and science-fiction, this compelling story will keep readers glued to the

  2. Malve von Hassell

    The Coffee Pot Bookclub, editorial review by Ellie Yarde
    “The historical background of this novel has been depicted with a keen sense of understanding for both periods. Malve von Hassell has penned a novel of intrigue, danger, and consequence. All actions have outcomes, and this book gives a wonderfully rounded idea of the significance of Peter taking the pieces of amber, breaking the rules, and how it affects the lives of those around him. Everyone is affected in some way by his actions, and that extends far into the future, three hundred years into the future, to be exact. Taking the amber had both good and bad outcomes, and this novel explores the idea of just how far the effect of one decision can spread. The Amber Crane by Malve von Hassell is a novel that is well crafted. Like a master craftsman working with the finest of amber, this novel is an object of beauty and elegance.”

  3. Malve von Hassell

    Historical Fiction Company, DK Marley
    “Malve von Hassell does an outstanding job in setting up a very exciting and unique story from the opening pages and inciting incident.”
    “The author has a knack for sentence structure and word usage which engages a reader every step of the way as if pulled along by the magical amber stone. This is recommended for someone who wants a taste of fantasy and history woven into one, focusing more on the characters rather than the massive details of the Thirty Years War and WWII.”

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