The Falconer’s Apprentice

“That bird should be destroyed!” Andreas stared at Ethelbert in shock. Blood from an angry-looking gash on the young lord’s cheek dripped onto his embroidered tunic. Andreas clutched the handles of the basket containing the young peregrine. Perhaps this was a dream—”
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Andreas, an apprentice falconer at Castle Kragenberg, cannot bear the thought of killing the young female falcon and smuggles her out of the castle. Soon he realizes that his own time there has come to an end, and he stows away, with the bird, in the cart of an itinerant trader, Richard of Brugge. So begins a series of adventures that lead him from an obscure castle in northern Germany to the farthest reaches of Frederick von Hohenstaufen’s Holy Roman Empire, following a path dictated by the wily trader’s mysterious mission. Andreas continues to improve his falconry skills, but he also learns to pay attention to what is happening around him as he travels through areas fraught with political unrest. Eventually, Richard confides in Andreas, and they conspire to free Enzio, the eldest of the emperor’s illegitimate sons, from imprisonment in Bologna. The Falconer’s Apprentice is a story of adventure and intrigue set in the intense social and political unrest of the Holy Roman Empire in the thirteenth century.

This is the second edition of the book, originally published by namelos in 2015.

Editorial review quotes:

“This well-researched and carefully plotted novel features a likable protagonist and a setting straight from the Newbery canon.” Kirkus Reviews Issue: April 15th, 2015

“Von Hassell’s beautifully written journey tale introduces the world of falconry to readers and vividly evokes European daily life during the thirteenth century.” Booklistonline

“The Falconer’s Apprentice by Malve von Hassell has met all my expectations of a good historical book. The book is well-structured, well-researched and very well-written.” December 2015, OnlineBookClub

“Von Hassell’s choice to tell this type of story is a smart one that has the potential to make The Falconer’s Apprentice just as meaningful and relevant in fifty or a hundred years as it is today.”  The Book Review Directory


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